About the site

    • Welcome to the official website of Anna Sandhu Ray. We are here to provide you with the finest art, prints, and sketches by Anna. Her work is known throughout the world. Each original is masterfully painted with oil on canvas. Some have been reproduced into prints to allow the enjoyment for the multitude at a more reasonable price.
    • Her sketches of James Earl Ray, Jessie Jackson, Larry Flynt and many more are from her years as a sketch artist with CBS. There are considered "Historica Americana" and are all orginal.
    • All of her art is for sale through this website or through our dealers. The art that is with a dealer is noted at the base of the piece. That art must be purchased at those locations.
    • We welcome you to send us personal pictures of art you would like to be reproduced in oil. For a free bid, click the "Contact Anna"
      tab, and forward to the picture to us. This includes but is not limited to pictures of pets, homes, landscapes,and people.


  • This is copyright material! Any unauthorized duplicating, exhibition, or distrubtion, including downloading from the website, even without monetary gain, may result in civil liabilities and criminal penelties.